2012 年 03 月 6 日

Some Good News

by majalove

I want to write, but I am actually studying harder than I ever did before. I am studying ofcourse CG and Japanese. And sleeping and practice piano. That’s my plans for the spring break. So I am kinda taking a break from wordpress.. and I am using facebook to release the stress!

I found a way to listen to Japanese live radio broadcast through the internet. It’s called streaming I guess. I am quite happy with it. My computer now runs almost 24 hours a day. Because I use it as a radio.

So the good news. I am now, officially a 2nd year student! I passed the first year.. Yes my attendance passed the limit. Yey! I drank (I just arrived home) to celebrate my lucky-ness. I was at the bar for 6 hours. Talking, drinking with lots of people and, I also got a few free drinks. Yey!

The phone I bought has not yet arrived home. (Some stupid things are happening at amazon right now. I am patient I can wait.) I want to take a picture of my report card.

I know my parents are reading this blog, I wish to show them my grades. (The fruits of my drinking, and skipping classes! Then drawing while in class, and sleeping..) Everything is…tada!… “A”!!! I got straight A’s. I thought I got a B last term but, everything is “A”!!! I was surprised. And my report card looks very neat, AAAAAAAAAA スマイル スマイル ..breathless..

Am so happpy!

And for some side story.. I studied at McDo 2 days ago. They sell coffee for 50円!!! Yeah! Hell cheap! so I was there for straight 6 hours. Damn! my a** hurt when I stood up. but I was surprised at this girl sitting in front of me. She’s not cute at all, not even close! She bought Coke and Coffee. WTH? My stomach will I don’t know.. get destroyed.. Is that mixture good for the body, is it soluble? I think my stomach will get burns if I mix coffee, alcohol, or soda. LOL crazy girl.

I actually got the hang of writing essays while at McDonald’s. I am preparing for the job interviews I will be taking. So I am right now writing everything that I can, and try to remember everything that I forgot. For example, the question “What was the thing that you really worked hard for while you were still at College?” Ok.. ok.. As far as I could remember I never worked hard.. ok.. ok..

So I think and think until I remember a time when I worked almost hard. Then write it down. What I am actually doing is remembering all the good things I did before, taking note of my good points like leadership, diligence, etc. and also my bad points, and the times that I hit a wall, and how I overcame that wall. I think knowing myself better will help me a lot during the interview.

And for some other good news. I got all the subjects that I’d like to take for the next school year. I think that’s nice. Having to actually study the things I am interested in.

Yesterday was graduation day. Together with my neat grades, I also felt sad, some of my friends are going to their respective schools. But that’s part of life.. on the bright side, new students will come this April.

My phone will be arriving this week.. I am expecting it this week! Then I could start posting with pictures again.. 🙂 Till then.. Mata ne.

2012 年 02 月 4 日

文化祭 School Festival

by majalove

This was supposed to be 5 months ago.

I managed to save some photos before my iPhone snubbed me and never turned on.

The story goes: I always go to the school library (Nihonggo School) even if I am already a graduate. The school has a dormitory and most of the people there already know me.

So it was a Saturday afternoon and I entered the building and an office staff was there. I was surprised because it was a Saturday, there is supposed to be no work. He told me that highschool students from Otemae University came to do do some culture exchange and a little talk with the ryuu gakuseis in the dorm.

(man! my english is falling. ryuu gakusei is foreign student)

I don’t live there but sensei told me to join. So what the hell? The food is free! I had a few shots of the little gathering but it went down with my iPhone. After the program, the students invited us to go to the school’s bunkasai (school cultural festival). I did not say yes but during that day, it just came to be that I was free. So I came together with a few friends in that dorm.


Here’s a shot of the few us. I really don’t know their names. From the top left, the girl and boy there are Chinese, and beside the cute guy (I think I am referring to myself there) is Ayumi Oda, a Japanese friend. And the rest of the guys are Saudi Arabian people with names I also cannot remember, and pronounce. And two girls from the english club.

It was my first time in a bunkasai. And I only heard about these stuff in the dramas that I watch. Omotta yori tanoshikatta! (oh my god, my english!) It was more fun than that of I expected (wow sounds gramatically wrong!)


Here we have a shot with the class that did the horror room. These 2 cute girls with were roaming around advertising their horror house.


And the horror house! It says there “Wonder Land”. It was a great gig, before one enters, a student explains that “You are about to leave reality and enter wonder land” (as in alice in wonderland). I went inside with Ayumi san and…it was not so scary, I was toooooo old for these stuff. But Ayumi was freaking out. haha. And at the end of the room. A student in a rabbit costume, asks you for tea, and has 8 cards (two being the same) on the table. If you and your partner manage to get that pair of cards, you get a prize. Well their prizes are of course candies and chocolate.

So in the end, we did not get the prize.

The gig of the next class we entered was looking for characters in Miyazaki’s movies. Around the campus 6~8 students are wearing costumes that represent characters from different Miyazaki films. If we manage to get a sign from 3 of them we get a prize! Yes more sweets!

The room was well designed. I loved it!


There you have the neco bus (cat bus) behind the cute guy. This was from the film “Tonari no Totoro” (My neighbor totoro).


and also totoro


and drawings on the board…wow! these Japanese guys are really good.

We went around and around and an aerial view of the school:


Then we entered a class whose gig is a kisatten (coffee lounge). It was the one and only place in the school which greeted us “irasshaimase” which is a very polite way of saying welcome. And the girls outside the kissaten were wearing yukata (summer kimono). But I never had a chance to get a shot of them.


The food and coffee was pretty expensive but we were tired of going around and around we needed to rest.

As Japan is Japan, it will not be Japan without the kawaii!


Kawaii kawaii! and I was really bugging the waitress students if I could bring it home with me. haha


even the lockers have the cute stickers! I had never seen lockers with kawaii stickers way back at the Philippines. My locker had stickers once you open them, but not on the outside. Japan is a kawaii world (imho). But once you get to know about the Yakuzas here, the kawaii-ness neutralizes.

Then we entered this classroom where you have to find 3 small toy spiders.


Under that pile of trash. I found two but, it would not be challenging without a time limit. Again…we did not get any prize.. No chocolates.. T.T


In connection to the one I previously mentioned, I met San, and I also had a picture with her. This was from the film Princess Monoke. She was also surprised becuase I asked her, “hey where are your wolves?!” haha. The story of Princess Monoke is about this guy searching for a cure for his curse and meets the girl, San, raised by wolves…and they would have lived happily ever after if they did not decide to part in the end.


Then we watched a short film made by one class. It was a blimped version of Avatar.

Then lastly the brass band.


Ayumi’s sister is in this club. She plays the drums. Sad to say she is not here in the picture. She is way way far to the left of the picture. I had a few videos but I cannot upload videos here. Ayumi’s sister is very small and cute, and I was calling her Maruko chan! Maruko is a manga about a small mischievous girl name Maruko. She was just so small, and so cute, and so small, and sooo cute! haha.

There was a part where almost half of the performers went in front to dance while the remaining ones played a song from AKB48. It was just so Japanese-like. So cute and funny (for me as a foreigner) and I could not express it, I wish I could upload videos here.

Then I wanted to see the dance club, and go the the super mario thingie, and see the band. But it was already the end of the day. These bunkasais last only for a day, unlike the one I had in highschool. The Don Bosco school festival is a week long event. Yeah, Don Bosco week as we call it.


The school gate.


Then the bored us waiting for the bus to arrive.


And more pictures of the bored guys.

Then we went home, well they went home, and I studied back at the libary until 10.

So there you have it! A 5 month overdue promised post of my misadventures in Japan!

2012 年 01 月 22 日

The sun starts to shine

by majalove

I was at a very bad start this year. I was bleeding over spilled milk. Literally bleeding. I have several cuts across my wrist. but I am very happy to say that “there will be no more tears for you”. My closest friends have showed me the reality, how much self pity I do to myself, how stupid I was, and I was (somehow) able to get courage from their words to move on.

I am really happy that I have those kind of friends. They know me inside out and they still accept me even though I have my own shortfalls. I am really grateful. I have now the courage to move on. It will be her regret not noticing the good things that I have. I still have my aces up my sleeve…I will be better with or without her.

But for this week, my iPhone is really really spoiled. It won’t work anymore. Another brick. I know why, the system is not compatible with the replacement battery. I can fix it, but it would waste me more time and money, so I decided to buy a new one next week.

Goodbye to all my pictures. I was able to back up a few pictures but, most of my pictures back when my hair was long are gone. And the pictures of my ex-es are also gone. Plus no more alarm clock! (>_<)>

Today I was studying very hard! I was studying cinematography. It has zero relation to my course here. Plus I have 5 more reports that I should had passed. Plus I was absent this morning. (not absent. rather skipped class this morning). I have stuff I need to do, but I’d rather study animation and computer graphics than electronics.

Going home I passed by Haru’s bar. There was only one customer, but hey, let me drink just one glass. To celebrate my “moving on” feeling. The customer I met there once worked as a recruiting agent. I didn’t know it but, it came out of the topic. I told Haru that this year I will be starting to look for a job. And I am scared about the interviews. There the girl bluntly taught me techniques on how to respond to certain questions, and I was dumb struct! I was so stupid. Like “What is your best 3” or “”What do you like about this”. I felt very lucky to have met her. Her advices on how to tackle questions gave me more courage. I can do this!!!

She is a hell lot older than me. And she is married judging by the ring on her finger. But the way she talks and the way she calls me “A chan” makes me wish she were a lot younger and I’d ask her out. There is one radio announcer in Japan that I always listen to. I like the way she talks, the way she laughs. It is just amazing the way it is. I cannot explain it much further but I just like listening to her. This girl I met at the bar today, speaks just like this radio announcer. Just a simple topic like “what is your favorite anime” goes about soooooo long. But if you talk too me I’ll just say “I don’t like anime” and the topic is finished. She doesn’t like anime but the topic just goes on and on. I’d like to learn how she does that. The best thing I learned from her is that “There are several ways to say a thing” like I could say “I don’t like anime but I do like motion picture films like pixar and the like” instead of saying “I don’t like anime”. I really learned a lot. And I am very grateful.

So Instead of just one glass. I ended up 3 glasses. Which is so much far from my budget.
(T ▽ T)

And yeah, 2 days ago. My classmate tried to tell me things about religious stuff. He was a Baptist. And he was saying stuff about salvation and stuff. And also today, to cute girls went to my home and tried to tell me stuff about Jehova’s witness stuff. I personally chose my religion. And the good thing about me is the bad thing about me. I don’t listen to other people once I have decided. I chose to believe in this religion so no matter how hard you try to convert me to Jehova’s Witness, it will not happen. But hey you’re cute so I’ll just try to listen. haha.

I had a good day. With lots of wisdom learned. And I bought 2 big packs of popcorn! Movie-till-death time! ∩( ・ω・)∩

I am really sorry. I don’t have a phone and camera. 号泣